Why Us


Established in 2006, Stirling Capital was founded by Dustin.  Taking great pride in his Scottish family background, Dustin was drawn to the Stirling name as he has ancestors that are linked to the Stirling Castle in Scotland.  With a name in place, the true vision for his company was to offer a foundation that catered to serving the clients with the utmost care and pride. 


Providing a platform that is easy to understand, transparent and cost efficient to the client, Stirling Capital focuses on building plans that are fee-based. Within the financial planning realm, fees are either assessed through a fee-based or commission-based platform. The distinction between a fee-based model and a commission-based model is how the advisor gets paid and you the client gets charged. With a fee-based model, there is a flat fee or a percentage of assets under management. This style of management puts a fiduciary responsibility on the advisor to their clients over any other institution such as brokers or dealers. In the commission-based model, the advisor is compensated by commissions. Each commission-based product has varying commission payouts to the advisor.   


At Stirling, it’s important the client yields the benefit of reasonable fees, timely service with portfolio models and investment strategies that will help them build results over the long term. Financial planning is about building a plan that is right for you. There is no such thing as the “average American household” anymore. Recognizing that, we work with YOU, where you are at right now and helping you build a financial future with a sound investment strategy.